Get Fast and Trusted Payments with a Merchant Account for Your Online Pharmacy


If you are considering opening an online pharmacy and are having difficulties getting a merchant account through MasterCard or Visa, you are not alone. Due to strict regulations by US FDA and other pharmacy verification services that are trying to prevent the existence of illegitimate online pharmacies, even legitimate online pharmacies are experiencing difficulties. Major credit card companies will not provide merchant accounts to online pharmacies, due to which many online pharmacies just take credit card information on the website and process these cards on the virtual terminal. These online pharmacies apply for virtual terminal as Herbal Products or Technical Support.

In response to these issues, our company has created a convenient 3rd payment gateway system in offshore countries that will provide you with a merchant account including a virtual terminal and e-checks for your online pharmacy.

All payments will be processed by trusted and experienced online processors that charge 15% with holdbacks. The benefits of our payment gateways include fast and consistent weekly payouts. If you prefer, you can even equally distribute your sales and select from multiple payment platforms. This will add convenience for you and your customers and make your services even more desirable.

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