Pharmacy Website Design

Within 30 days of your purchase, we will have your website ready and waiting. It will load in 2 seconds, ensuring the best user experience, and we will add over 1,000 different products with 35 different categories, it will also show the prices for different products. You can use categories like erectile dysfunction, HCG, weight loss, hair loss, and anti-cancer medications, and you can have the right descriptions, including brand names, manufacturer names, and more.

Our system is extremely versatile. You can change the status of orders from “Credit Card Charged,” “Credit Card Declined,” “Order Cancelled,” “Order Shipped,” “Order Delivered,” and more. The site will also have features where you can manage your affiliates, generate discount coupons for customers, or even send monthly newsletter to all your customers.

We again want to emphasize that we highly recommend that you offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and use the McAfee security seal, which will increase your customer’s comfort level. You should also use a toll free number and chatting application to ensure excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale, helping your customers come back to you again and again...

Great design is essential for improved sales. You could be losing sales from your web design alone, so make sure you have great graphics and layout. We’ll take care of everything, including optimized content, web design, code, and efficient load times. Good conversion rates rely on several factors, and excellent web design is key to turning random search engine visitors into paying customers, especially with online pharmacies that need discreet service.

With our system, your customers will even be able to provide testimonials, which can enhance your trustworthiness and appeal.

Our designs provide customers with three major advantages:

• Responsive web design
• Mobile-friendly layouts and content
• Faster download speeds

Google recently announced that they will reward mobile-friendly sites with better rankings, so maintaining a mobile site is more important than ever. Responsive web design is essential because it provides your customers with access to your site through both web and mobile platforms and generates better search results.

SEO is our primary focus, helping you get the most from Bing, Yahoo, and Google searches. We’ll not only optimize your site for search engines, we’ll make sure it’s fast, effective, and has the right content for web and mobile applications. Regardless of bandwidth speeds, your site will load quickly.

As you know, a customer’s privacy is very important when selling discreet products. For this reason, our offshore domain registration and hosting make it easier for sellers to maintain privacy.

While using the shopping cart, your customers can enter medical history, prescription information, and more. They can also log into the customer area and check past orders for tracking details, making the shipping and receiving process easier for everyone.

Pharmacy Website Features